The Phillipsburg location is a fully manned facility located at 395 B Street. Neil Hopson is the location supervisor for Phillipsburg.

The Phillipsburg elevator started as a combination of old and new. The concrete elevator was erected in 1959 with licensed storage of 255 thousand bushels. It was erected next to an existing elevator which was torn down in 1991. The Butler building, which holds 72 thousand bushels and the 7 steel bins holding 12 thousand bushels each sit just north of the concrete elevator. Two more steel bolted bins sit to the south of the elevator and they hold 30 thousand bushels each. This brings the Phillipsburg location total of bushels to 471 thousand.

In 1973 the Dean elevator was bought. The old Dean elevator which was located in between the existing Butler building and 7 steel tanks was sold and removed in the early 80’s.

Many upgrades and new equipment have since been bought and installed to make the Phillipsburg location an all-around service for your farming needs. This location has additional supplies such as a full line of animal health supplies and a full time livestock tech service employee. Fencing supplies, seed, stock tanks and bagged feed are just some of the items Rangeland carries. Phillipsburg has many years of knowledge of the feed, seed, fertilizer and grain business.  We are a Monsanto seed dealer.

Phillipsburg takes in hard red winter wheat, hard white winter wheat, sunflowers, soybeans, corn, oats and milo, with the access of rail cars and truck shipments.
Hours of Operation & Contact Information

*Summer hours are currently being observed*

Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm

Saturday: 8am to Noon

Closed Sunday

Phone: (785) 543-2154

Location Manager - Neil Hopson: (785) 543-4605