March of 1962, the main office and station were set into motion. A car dealership was bought and an addition was added on to it. This building still serves as the main office and fueling station. The General Manager of Rangeland is Bruce Williams, with Brad Bates being our operations manager.   Hannah Ramriez is the Petroleum Manager.
Cardtrol was first introduced to our customers in 1986. We have since upgraded to a Gasboy system for our customer’s convenience. Our customers can now use one card at all of our Rangeland fueling facilities. The Phillipsburg fueling station also takes most major credit cards.
The old underground tanks were removed at the station and new ones were installed in 1997. These tanks, along with all new piping were installed to meet EPA standards. There are four tanks each hold 10 thousand gallons. Two of the tanks have ultra low sulfur clear diesel, one tank has ultra low sulfur dyed diesel, and the other tank holds no lead gas with 10% ethanol. As with all Rangeland fueling stations, the ultra low sulfur diesel has a lubricity additive.
Bulk oil was introduced in 1999. Two tanks where installed in the back of the bay area. They hold 6000 of HTB and 3000 of TMS 15-40. Rangeland sells bulk oil totes with dispensing systems in three different sizes 60, 110, and 300 gallons. We offer farm delivery and local pick up. We have the ability to farm deliver any Cenex product in bulk including anti-freeze. Rangeland still carries drums of TMS 15-40, HTB, Mercron/Dextron, Maxtron, and all Auto Gold and gear lubes. We also do oil test analysis through Cenex. All of these products, plus a full line of packaged oil, anti-freeze and gear lubes are available for all your vehicle needs.


Hours of Operation & Contact Information

*Summer hours are currently being observed*

Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm

Saturday: 8am to Noon

Closed Sunday

Phone: (785) 543-2114

General Manager - Bruce Williams: (785) 543-8695

Operations Manager - Brad Bates: (785) 302-0626