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The Logan concrete elevator began construction in 1950, with the original housing and first annex being erected. The second annex was added in 1956, giving Logan 654 thousand bushels of licensed storage. Logan takes in hard red winter wheat, milo, corn, and soybeans, with only truck service available.  Brandon Thummel is our location supervisor.

A new cardtrol station was built in 2001, this involved all new buried tanks and new cardtrol pumps. We relocated it from in front of the main office in Logan to right next to the highway on the North side of town. The cardtrol station is a stand alone station that is accessed by Rangeland company cards or credit cards only. It has storage of 30 thousand gallons and pumps no-lead gas with 10% ethanol, dyed diesel, and clear diesel. All diesels are now the low sulfur diesel, but a lubricity additive has been added to the diesel at all Rangeland facilities.

Our propane plant was upgraded and changes were made to bring it into state and federal compliances in 2001. In addition, a second new 12 thousand gallon tank was added to the existing tank at that time also. This made the total storage capacity at 24 thousand gallon. We also have a propane bottle filling area.

Logan’s many different services and diversified sales make it a great asset to our Rangeland team. Some of these items not listed above are animal health products, oils, lubes, feed, twine and fencing supplies.
Hours of Operation & Contact Information

*Summer hours are currently being observed*

Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm

Saturday: 8am to Noon

Closed Sunday

Phone: (785) 689-4653

Location Manager - Brandon Thummel: (785) 543-8635