The Phillipsburg bulk plant was built in 1964, with underground storage capacity of 10,000, and above ground capacity of 36,000. The bulk plant was renovated in 1980, by moving 36,000 gallons of storage from the existing bulk plant, purchasing 3 new tanks of 12,000 gallons each, and the underground tanks were abandoned at this time due to Federal regulations. This brought the storage capacity up to 72,000 gallons. In May of 2007 the Logan bulk plant was disbanded in order to comply with new regulations. The tanks were moved to the Phillipsburg location, re-plumbed, painted and a spill prevention dyke was added. This brought the plant into total compliance with Federal regulations. The total fuel capacity at the bulk plant is now 120,000 gallons. Rangeland also has 168,000 gallons of Condo storage rented for diesel from Coffeyville Resources located in Phillipsburg.
Rangeland purchased a new 2007 Kenworth fuel truck in September. It has fuel capacity of 5000 gallons. A 2000 gallon, 1990 Ford fuel truck is used as a second truck during harvest season so that we can service all our customers more efficiently.
Rangelands petroleum department offers bulk fuel delivery by route or call in orders, with locked in contract pricing available in the spring for summer usage. Contract pricing can be used for route bulk fuel delivery and for cardtol usage at any of our 4 fueling facilities. Rangeland also has bulk oil available, with HTB and 15-40 on hand for delivery or customer pick up. All other viscosities are available by order. Rangeland still carries a full line of packaged oil for all vehicles.
The petroleum department has 52 years of combined service for your fuel and oil needs. Hannah Ramriez is the Petroleum Manager.
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Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm

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Phone: (785) 543-2114

Petroleum Manager - Hannah Ramriez: (785) 543-4693